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Ignareo (イグナレオ, Igunareo) is a 圣剑/遗迹兵器 that's currently co-owned by the Orlandry Merchants Guild and the Guardian Wings Military. Its current wielder is Tiat Siba Ignareo.


Ignareo is a B- ranked long heavy blade that was created over 500 years ago by the Emnetwiht civilization. It was wielded by a unnamed Legal Brave during the war with the 地神. 500 years later, it was discovered by a group of salvagers and taken back to the 浮游岛, where it was inspected and stored in the 妖精仓库 until a compatible fairy could use it.

Its current wielder is Tiat Siba Ignareo who initially had a hard time finding a compatible 遗迹兵器.


Ignareo was created by a human race called 'Emnetwhits' over 500 years ago, during a time when all of the races lived on the surface. It was wielded by an unnamed Legal Brave during the war with the 地神.

Physical Composition

Ignareo is a long heavy blade similar to Seniorious. It is comprised of random multiple shining talismans that are combined into the shape of a sword. The talismans glow green when activated with Tiat's 魔力and can unleash devastating green blasts that can slice a Beast in half.

Its handle also has a similar design to Seniorious, though the symbol on the hilt is shaped like a lyre.


Suka Moka Volume 3 - 02.png

Ignareo's special ability is "To become inconspicuous." As to what this implies, it has not yet been made clear yet. However, if one devises a way to use it then it would not seem to have any useful ability, but if one does not devise one, then it’s just an ordinary yet fairly awesome sword.

Known Wielders of Ignareo

  • Unnamed Legal Brave
  • Orco - A young fairy who previously wielded the blade until her death.
  • Tiat Siba Ignareo - A young green haired Leprechaun who lives at the 妖精仓库.

Known Victims of Ignareo

  • Countless beasts.
  • Lakhesh Nyx Seniorious / Elba Affa Mūrusmarea - A young orange-haired Leprechaun who used to live at the 妖精仓库 and fought as a Fairy Soldier. After being possessed by the fourteenth beast, Vincra, Lakhesh used Ignareo to kill herself in order to kill the beast.


  • Ignareo is a Latin term that comes from the words in- (“un-”) +‎ gnārus (“knowing”) or “ignārus” as its known in adjective form which means “ignorant, unaware.” This meaning may be referring to Ignareo’s ability "to make its user “inconspicuous” and Tiat’s own role in Suka Moka as an average fairy who can’t stand out despite wanting to be like an excellent Fairy Soldier like her Senior Fairy Chtholly.



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